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The Chief Minister of West Bengal launched an ambitious programme of rooftop solar systems namely “Alo Shree’ programme. The objective of this programme is to install Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic (GRTSPV) System in all government buildings and buildings of local bodies which are technically fit for such installations.

Any indenting users may approach to WBREDA through their administrative Department or through the District Magistrate.

Guideline for selection of site:
  • There must not be any plan for vertical extension of the building
  • The roof shall be made of RCC and can withstand load to the extent of 20 to 25 kg per sqm
  •  The roof space identified for GRTSPV should satisfy:
    • –South open
    • –Gets full sunshine over the day and also over the year.
    • –Not affected by shadows which may come from neighboring structures like other buildings, communication towers, hoardings, trees, over head tank, lift room or any elevated structure
  • The minimum area for GRTSPV should not be less than 100 sqm

Administrative Department will have to bear cost of the project. Incentive as may be available from MNRE, Government of India shall be reimbursed.

Role and responsibilities of the Beneficiary Department
  1. Access to the rooftops of the identified buildings and facilitation to conduct site survey by the vendors to be deployed and authorized by SNA.
  2. Permission and allotment of safe and secured temporary storage (preferably a room with locking arrangement) for keeping PV Modules, Inverters, Structures, cable & Wires, Junction Boxes, Earthing materials, Interfacing Panels and other associated accessories including tools and tackles.
  3. Providing suitable indoor location for installation of Inverter, Inverter &Grid Interfacing Panels, etc. at each of the project site.
  4. Providing suitable common point of coupling for connectivity of GRSPV System to the electrical network of the building.
  5. Co-ordination with PWD if required
  6. Providing water source inlet point on the roof from which module cleaning arrangement may be provided.
  7. Taking over the project after completion
  8. Arrangement for regular cleaning of Solar PV Array at least once in a week in order to obtain optimum generation.
  9. Arrange safety and security of the project at each unit
  10. Net Metering arrangement with DisComs.
Role and responsibilities of the State Nodal Agency
  1. WBREDA will get the project done on turnkey basis through vendors to be deployed through tendering process for installation of GRTSPV Systems.
  2. Handing over the project after commissioning to the local authority to be nominated by the Department.
  3. WBREDA will ensure warrantee obligation including trouble free operation of the GRTSPV Systems through the vendor for a period of five years from date of commissioning
  4. Routine & breakdown maintenance of the project as and when required for a period of five years from the date of completion of the project.
  5. Training for day to day operation of the project to the In charges at each of the units/sites/project to be nominated by the local authority.
  6. Coordination and facilitation to obtain Incentive from MNRE, Government of India, if available.