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Services Provided By DOE

Directorate of Electricity online services under WB e-District MMP

Sl No. Service name Electrical/lift
1 New Workman’s permit Electrical
2 New Electrical Supervisor’s license Electrical
3 New National Supervisor certificate Electrical
4 Renewal of workman’s permit Electrical
5 Renewal of Electrical Supervisor’s license Electrical
6 Renewal of National Supervisor Certificate Electrical
7 New Contractor’s license Electrical
8 Permission letter to erect new lift Lift
9 New lift owner’s license Lift
10 Renewal of lift owner’s license Lift
11 New lift attendant’s authorisation Lift
12 Permission letter to erect new escalator Lift
13 New escalator owner’s license Lift
14 Renewal of escalator owner’s license Lift
15 renewal of lift attendant’s authorization Lift
16 Entry of legacy records for workman’s permit Electrical
17 Entry of legacy records for electrical supervisor license Electrical
18 Entry of legacy record for National Supervisor Certificate Electrical
19 Entry of legacy record for contractor’s license Electrical
20 Entry of legacy record for lift owner’s license Lift
21 Entry of legacy record for Escalator owner’s license Lift
22 Entry of legacy record for lift attendant’s authorization Lift
23 Endorsement of further parts of workman’s permit Electrical
24 Entry of further parts of electrical supervisor’s license Electrical
25 Entry of further parts of National supervisor’s certificate Electrical
26 Modification of contractor’s license Electrical
27 Renewal of contractor license Electrical
28 Release of supervisors from an electrical contracting firm Electrical