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Procedure and a comprehensive list of documents required for ‘Certification of Electrical Installation by Chief Electrical Inspector’, Directorate of Electricity, Department of Power & Non-conventional Energy Sources, Government of West Bengal


  • The applicant shall register through the official website of the Department of Power.
  • On registration, applicant will be given a user ID and Password for future reference.
  • After login applicant will click New Application for Certification of Electrical Installation by Chief Electrical Inspector and fill up the application form
  • Application form contains prescribed attachments shall be submitted/ uploaded online in PDF/JPEG/JPG format
  • On final submission of application, a system generated acknowledgement will be send to the applicant.
  • On received of application form, the system will automatically forward it to the Chief Electrical Inspector
    The Chief Electrical Inspector will forward it to the concerned Electrical Inspector
  • Electrical Inspector will verify the documents, may return /Pay Request to applicant.
  • After online payment by the applicant, Electrical Inspector will give inspection date and conduct necessary inspection of the unit.
  • If any difference found in unit inspection, then application will be returned to the applicant for the applicant to take necessary actions as required.
  • Applicant will take necessary actions as required and resubmit it to Electrical Inspector.
  • Electrical Inspector will again request for online payment.
  • After online payment done Electrical Inspector will provide re-inspection date and conduct necessary re-inspection of the unit.
  • After all Inspection done, Electrical Inspector will submit Inspection report and forward it to the Third Party Agent.
  • Third Party Agent will submit the pre commissioning test report and forward it to Electrical Inspector.
  • Electrical Inspector will issue license certificate for electrical Installation.
  • Applicant can download the license (Final Approval Certificate).


  • The applicant can track status of his application through the online system.
  • SMS/e-mail notification will be sent to the applicant as and when the application is submitted and at each stage of application processed, and/or query is raised and/or application is approved/rejected.
  • The competent authority may send queries to applicant/ seek clarifications from the applicant, once and within 7 days of receiving the application

>Comprehensive list of documents required

  • Copy of Power purchase agreement with Discom
  • Drawing/Layout plan of the electrical installation
  • Single line diagram of the electrical installation
  • General Arrangement (GA) drawing of the Electrical substation
  • Layout showing earthing grid.
  • Contractor test form furnishing all details along with test result
  • Manufacturer test certificate of all equipments, cables etc.
  • Contractor test report.